Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dear Lady Who Lets Her Dog Crap On My Lawn

Dear Lady Who Lets Her Dog Crap On My Lawn,

I know we are taught to be nice and kind to all, but I've about had it with you taking your dog on walks around the neighborhood and then about the time it gets to my house or the neighbors house, letting it crap all over my lawn or theirs. I am also tired of the cigarette butts that are being thrown on my lawn. I must pick up a good dozen or two of those when I mow the lawn.

I don't let my imaginary dog crap on your lawn, so stop letting your real dog crap on mine. Also, the driveway is an even ruder place to let your dog take a dump.

Apparently they make poo bags too. If you insist on letting your dog crap all over everyones yard, at least have the decency to pick up the crap and put it in one of those bags.

If I am home and I see you letting your dog crap in my yard or the neighbors, you can bet I will be coming up to you to let you know that you need to scoop it up and take it home with you.

And I don't care if you haven't brought a poo bag, use your hand. If you are rude enough to let your dogs defecate in everyone else's yard but your own, you filled with crap even if it isn't literally.

I can understand once, but when you constantly let your dog poop in my yard and the yards corresponding to mine, it is no longer a one time deal and you need to deal with it. And while you're at it, do you realize how harmful smoke is. You can get lung cancer.

Your Annoyed Neighbor,


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