Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear White Poison

Dear White Poison (aka Milk),

You are so great. You give me healthy teeth and healthy bones. Thanks to you, nothing has broken despite my numerous clumsy mishaps.

You taste good with cookies. You make a tasty rice pudding. You fill my sister kids tummies up so they aren't hungry and sad. You make me greatful for cereal. And cookies. And more cookies. And did I mention how great you are with cookies?

Yes, you do come from a cow, but I milked a cow one year at my parents house. We treated her well and gave her plenty of good food. She returned the favor by giving us plenty of milk and cream.

I am grateful to you nice cows who give us milk. Who have cute little baby cows that have soft fur and are fun to pet.

Thank you cows for your white poison. I will drink it so long as my body is able.