Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dear Brownies

Dear Brownies,

I have to say, you made quite the lunch. Who knew that you could be so tasty and filling as a lunch? Apparently, I did since I ate you for my lunch.

Please take all those fat calories and put them in my chest and not my butt or my waist. I did use low-fat ingredients when I made you, so perhaps there are no fat calories and it's all in my imagination.

And while you're at it, can you please make my sister Christine's baby healthy and strong. I know she liked eating you after dinner. And since she has that diabetes test on Wednesday (that someone I know didn't take), she really needs the extra sugar overload and the healthy thing.

From what I hear that stuff they make you drink for the test is yucky. Perhaps I could crush you up and dump in her bottle of the sugar stuff for her test. All it can do is help right? And I'm sure Christine would be so appreciative of my support and flavoring of her diabetes test mix.

And if all else fails, at least it will give her drink special floaties.



Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dear Becca

Dear Becca,

Thanks for making my nails look all pretty. You made my night. I've been wanting pretty nails for a while and now I have them.

I know I'm clumsy and I might ruin them in a few days, but it's nice to have pretty fingers even if it's only a day or two. Maybe now a dreamy guy will come along and see the hot girl with pretty nails (yes, thats me) and totally ask me out and it will be your doing because it's all due to the nails.

Let's hope it's two days the nails stay intact. I promise not to garden, use a saw, use a shovel, or a hammer, or a nail gun, or an ax until at least Tuesday. That way maybe they will be pretty till then. And I probably won't use an ax at all. I don't own one and if I miss it will hurt a lot.

Anyways, it was fun to see you. I miss you when you aren't around. And I'm glad you are my sister.