Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dear Bubble Machine/Bubble Pit

Dear Bubble Machine/Bubble Pit,

You were a wonderful invention. I love that you filled a big bouncy pit full of bubbles. I loved that people came out of the pit covered in white bubbles. I loved the bubbles.

Can you come home with me? Well obviously for the right price you probably could. I'm not sure I want to spend the $$ on the right price, but perhaps I can rent you one day.

In fact, you are now invited to my wedding reception. No, I am not engaged, but someday I will be, and if I'm the one paying for the thing, I can choose what occurs. Let me tell you right now, it will be a carnival, and hopefully dear bubble machine, you will be there.

Do you think a bride/groom dunking machine would be a bit much? And I guess that also brings up the question of, do you think my future spouse would consent to be in the dunking machine for his wedding reception?

Tiny bubbles....in my hair, tiny bubbles...everywhere....tiny bubbles make me feel so fine!

Maybe he would go in the bubble pit if not? It might make for some super cool wedding photos.

Dearest bubble machine, please carry on bursting out bubbles of joy,


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