Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dear Lady From Church

Dear Lady From Church,

You are such an amazing lady. Today I learned that you have such a great attitude despite the trials life has dealt you. You lost a baby, and at some point in the future, you will also lose your teenage daughter.

You have fought alongside your daughter for her entire life. She has been on numerous medications and now she has reached a point where you've done all you can do. Instead of sheltering her, you are doing as many fun things as you can while she is still around and able to enjoy them.

I know you will mourn her loss, and yet, you also know that she is going to a good place. You could've chosen to have a bad attitude, but you have not.

Thank you for always being smiley and happy even though you've known that you would outlive your child. Thank you for teaching your child to be happy and kind despite having so much to deal with.

I cannot fathom the difficulties you face, but I admire you. Please carry on and put on a good face. Show the world that life cannot beat you down and that you will climb to the top of the hill and conquer your foes. And if you ever need help, I will be there to push or pull you to the top of the hill.

Your Friend,


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