Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Donut Store

Dear Donut Store,

You are probably the reason I'm not losing tons of weight despite working out all the time. I run by you and smell all the yummy donut smells and instead of wanting to keep running down the street, I want to run inside you and eat donuts.

In fact, a while back after Christine and I ran by you, we came back and bought a dozen donuts. We wanted to eat them all and not share, but there were four little kids who looked so hopefully at the box of donuts we couldn't keep them all to ourselves. Then we also shared with Dan.

Maple bars, my weakness.
Cake donut with maple frosting, my weakness.
Cake donut with sprinkles, my weakness.
Apple fritter, my weakness.
Custard filled thing with chocolate frosting, yup, my weakness.
Old fashioned glaze, Christine's weakness.
Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, not really mine, but I'll say Christine's weakness.
Yummy sugar cookies, both our weakness.

Donut Store, sweet donut store. How skinny I would be without you. On the bright side of things, I have a bigger chest than my sister Christine, and besides genetics, I have you to thank. Granted it isn't all that big, but without your donuts, I would need more padding than the padded bra I currently wear.

Thank you for the tasty donuts, the enticing aroma to run by, and the supersize chest I've got.

Your fan,


1 comment:

  1. Supersized-chest? How many donuts did you stuff in your bra? I ate mind instead of using them for padding.

    Let's go for some donuts. Your post made me hungry.