Monday, September 6, 2010

Dear Warcy Rilley

Dear Warcy Rilley,

I don't know why I ever bother to look at your stores. I suppose it's because your location is convenient. Every time I go, I am reminded as to why you suck. Thats right, YOU SUCK! And not in a good way.

Let me reminisce....on Saturday I went over to your store because I wanted to buy a bed for my guest bedroom. I looked over the selection and had just decided to ask a salesman about a certain bed when one walked up to me.

Well, I thought, he might get his commission today. Little did I know. I am not really sure why you hire old men who look at me as their potential victim. I'm not dumb, I'm not ignorant, and just because I'm a woman doesn't mean your chauvinistic salesman can try and trick me into buying a bed thats $500 over the price I told him I was willing to pay.

Instead of helping me with the bed I originally wanted, he drags me all over the store to show me better beds (ie more expensive). Finally, I ask him to just show me the what I was originally looking at and he gave me some dumb excuse as to why that wasn't the bed I needed and insisted that I didn't need to look at it. So I told him I wasn't going to buy anything from him that day and so he walked away.

Previously, I had tried to order via the Warcy Rilley website. If you have gone to it, you'll want to make note, it is about the shoddiest excuse for programming I've ever encountered. Why you ask? First of all, you show items that they don't actually have in any of your stores or that you actually carry. One would think that you would remove items you don't actually have stock for, but apparently not. I added one to my cart to go along with the item I decided to order. Then I went through everything and got to the submit payment order. So far so good. I click submit order to run my credit card. Then I get directed to a page where it tells me one of the items was out of stock and it basically wiped out my entire order and my entire cart. At this point, I have no idea whether or not my card got charged, it told me nothing. I called your customer service and the guy said that you don't check inventory until you click the button to charge your card. What??? Why not check inventory when it's added to the cart or you select a location to pick it up? That makes sense right? Not according to your sorry @%$ website. It's much easier to run someones card and put the funds on hold and then tell them sorry.

Anyways, my order ended up getting voided out. The phone guy couldn't run my order through and apparently the only option I had was to reorder on the website and run the risk of double funds on hold, or going to the store. Which reminds me, I better check my card and make sure the website really didn't take my funds.

You'd think either on of those experiences would be enough to make me not want to go to your store, but yet again, this was the first strike.

I ordered some cute barstools from you. I had to pick them up, which I did. But at the time I was dealing with some health issues so it was exhausting and by the time I got them, I felt beat. A day or two later, I open the boxes and discover that each box has 2 barstools each in it and they've given me twice as many stools as they should have. Being the honest person that I am, I called you to tell you the mistake. You'd think you'd say ok, we'll come get them right? Nope, the girl says, well you have to bring them back because it's not worth it to us to pick them up. Then she proceeds to bill my Visa for them as motivation to return them and informs me that if I want to be refunded I will bring them back.

Hindsight is brilliant. If it were today, I'd tell her to remove the charges or I will file a fraud complaint since the order shows only a certain number of stools. And I would insist you come get them since it was your mistake. You even loaded them in the truck for me! I shouldn't have to return items because you messed up. It's called customer service. Which apparently you lack.

My experiences have led me to realize: You are basically one step up from a cheap particle board furniture store. And yet, at least they have customer service. If I ever shop in your store again, it's probably because either I've got a submission issue to deal with and I like being bullied by vulturous old men or I like to buy junk. Maybe both.

Your unsatisfied ex-customer,


PS. I bought a bed somewhere else later in the day

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