Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dear Peaches

Dear Peaches,

You have been some of my most favorite produce this year. In fact, I've had more of you than any other fruit in the past few months. And no, I'm not talking about the peaches, plums, alfalfa thing. I'm talking off the tree fruit. I'm sure those kind of peaches would be nice, but there's a time and place and a person and I've got 3 of those that need to align first.

Anyhow, you've been my breakfast, lunch and dinner at times and I still love you!!! Why? You are yummy and tasty. I even broke my fruit rule for you. I only allow myself a certain amount of fruit a day, but you my tasty tempter managed to get me to eat more of you than my normal allotment.

This morning, I made multi-grain french toast and put you and whip cream on them. So tasty. Such a tragedy that I do not have any peaches left for breakfast tomorrow. But so grateful to Christine for letting me raid her peaches to get some in the first place.

You are so great. I am glad you exist and grateful Heavenly Father created you.


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