Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dear Pedals,

Why can't I get you off my old bike and onto the new? Do you realize all I've been through as far as pedals go?

First I had the ones my feet kept slipping off of, so I bought new clip on ones. Then I crashed time and time again on those ones. Then I finally broke one a little bit so it was easier to get my foot out, and that worked great for a while. I still crashed, but I crashed less. Then I completely broke the pedal in the middle of a ride and had to ride home with only one pedal working. A couple miles with one pedal isn't fun and I got a bad bruise on my leg where the pedal broke on it. Then I got new pedals and they were great!

Then I I you pretty new bike, and I tried to abandon you less pretty old bike, and I can't till I get my pedals off! Come off pedals.

Everyone cross your fingers that a cute single guy will be at the bike store that is my dream man when I take 2 bikes to the bike store because I want my $65 pedals. If they were $5 pedals I'd just buy new ones, but $65 is enough money that I want my pedals and I want them now!

I hope I don't crash the new bike as much as the old one. It was expensive and it looks pretty and nice.

Now get off my old bike and onto the new pedals.


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