Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear Fresh Salsa,

Dear Fresh Salsa,

Why do you taste so good? The yummy flavor you ooze makes me want to eat you for breakfast lunch and dinner. And you know the one thing that would make you better? If you were made out of fresh garden tomatoes instead of those store bought ones.

Currently there are several nice garden tomato plants sitting in my garage, waiting for the weather to finally warm up enough that they won't die. They will make me super tasty salsa, tomato sandwiches, and enhance my salad or omlet.

It's kinda sad that canning is turning into a lost art because there are so many things that taste better when you grow them and don't go through the strange ripening and storage procedures the stores use. I actually ate some store bought applesauce the other day and practically threw up. I did gag.

There's no comparison between flavorful good homemade applesauce and the stuff you buy at the store.

And my sister Jenny's dill pickles are to die for. I think I would die happy with a jar full of her pickles in my tummy. This year I will be visiting so I can learn the art of making pickles. I might need to make like 100 jars because they are so good I will need to install an electric fence around them in my house to keep all my family members from eating them all when I'm not home.

Anyways, fresh salsa, you are so tasty and good. You are reason enough to grow a salsa garden in the yard. And a little lemon tree to get lemons from for the salsa.

Your devoted eater,


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