Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dear Glenn,

Dear Glenn,

Today I decided to start picking random people, or not so random people and tell them why I admire them. It's your lucky day Glenn, I picked you! I know you're probably secretly groaning now and wondering what I can possibly put in a blog besides the photo above, worry no more. Read and see.

I admire you because you work hard. I remember when you had that job last year that you really didn't enjoy, and it had kind of crappy hours and you had to work a ton of weekends, and you did it. You knew you needed to support your family until Bridget finished school so even when it sucked, you stuck it out. Thats a tough thing to do. Lots of people would've said, screw it and just walked out. But not you, you stayed on course.

I think you are a great dad to your kids. You always make sure they are taken care of and you do your best to make them happy. They are really blessed to have such a good dad.

And you are always patient and good with Bridget. Whenever she's upset, you seem to know just what to do. And you really love her. I never have to worry that you'll treat her bad. I just know you'll watch out for her.

I remember when you and Bridget got married and you got all these piles of presents because people so loved you. And you were both so nice and gave me 2 cookie sheets cuz you had lots of them. It was so nice of you. I didn't really have anything but dollar store ones till you gave me those ones. And you didn't have to share, but you knew I wanted them so you let me have them.

You know, I ought to remind you that I'm your favorite sister-in-law and that I really do like fresh baked cookies and whatever else is tasty and doesn't contain celery. If you ever need to sacrifice some, feel free to bring them my way.

Anyways, thank you for being a good dad, and for loving my sister. I don't have to worry about her or the kids because I know you will always be there for them.

Your favorite sister-in-law,


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