Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dear Blankie,

Dear Blankie,

You've seen me through the years. The worst times and the best times. I've held onto you tightly as I've cried myself to sleep. I've wrapped you around me when I've been cold. You've covered me with warmth as I reflected on my pleasant days. You sit covering my legs and warming me as I type. I can reach out in the dark night and feel you.

Some might call you a superficial comfort. Some might call it childish. But they are wrong. Blankie, you symbolize so much.

You are my mother wrapping her arms around me when I'm sad. You are my sisters who wait at the finish line for me to finish a race. You are my father who hugs me in joy. You represent love. The love of one who made you anticipating the arrival of a tiny baby. The love of a mother cradling her child wrapped up warmly. The love of so many.

Blankie, you are well worn and tattered from the years of use, but you are loved and cherished. Not because you are an object, but because you symbolize the love and caring around me.

Thank you blankie for keeping my body and my heart warm.


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