Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dear Family

Dear Family,

I am so blessed to have you all. Tonight I've been reflecting on how blessed I am. Recently, I had a demonic stomach flu that left me puking and laying on the bathroom floor for hours. Mom came and brought me medicine and Christine came and took care of me for a few hours. How wonderful they were.

It sucked laying there and hoping the sick would end enough that I could lay in my bed or somewhere that wasn't tile, but having wonderful family drop whatever they were doing to care for me made me realize how loved I am. Thanks for that.

And Ang, what a brilliant sewer you are. You fixed what I attempted and probably made worse when I ripped my dress. And way better too. I used a needle and markers. Mine didn't turn out so well. Markers really aren't the best idea to color thread.

And Ben. You were so worried about me having a garage code that let certain people into my house that you came over in the morning and brought a ladder and helped me change it. It's nice to know you care enough to help me.

Dad raises cows and then shares the meat with us. The meat is way better and way cheaper than what stores have. And in the summer he shares his garden full of produce and his orchard full of fruit. He works so hard and he taught me the value of work. Despite his knees being in so much pain, he keeps going and doesn't give up.

And Jen so far away, yet we talk almost daily. And you fix my hair. When I told you the girl made it really blonde, you said not to worry, you'd put some brown back in. And I know you will. You are such a good sister. So considerate. You send us presents for our birthday. And I should send you more than I do.

And Becca. My sweet Becca is always so kind. I know she always will share or help me if she can. And she makes my nails pretty knowing that I'll probably mess them up in an hour because I love french manicures. And the same goes with pretty painted toes. She knows they won't last but does them anyways because it makes me happy.

Bridget calls me and we can talk about the runs we want to do together even if we don't always get them done. And we can laugh over the airheaded things we both do. And she is fun to just sit around and talk to. Thanksgiving was fun with her.

Carrie is a hardworking woman who never ceases to amaze me with all she does. She graduated with a nursing degree while raising 9 kids. Thats a lot to take on. And she works. She worked graveyards for a while and then took care of the kids on top of everything else. And eating at her house is way better than a restaurant. The Leone family can cook. It's too bad they don't live next door because I'd eat dinner at their house every night.

Family, thank you for who you are. For all you do. For being there when I'm sick, for being there when I'm sad, for being there to share in my joyous and triumphant moments. For cheering me on at the Half Ironman finish and getting me to the finish line. For supporting me in so many ways. I love you all and I am so glad you are a part of my life.



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