Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dear Brig, Ethan, And Hailey

Dear Brig, Ethan, And Hailey,

Thank you for being my 3 special pals for part of last week and this week. I know it was stressful and hard with your dad in the hospital, and your mom there with him, but for me, it was great to have you for even just a little while.

I loved that you wanted me to play with you. I loved being needed, and for just a little moment I felt what it must be like to be a mom. Brig, I felt so loved when you came and sat on my lap and just wanted me to hold you. And when we drove down the road singing primary songs it reminded me of my childhood and how my mom taught me about Jesus Christ.

Then when we drove down with the windows open trying out all sorts of indian chants, and yells, I just have to laugh at the memory of random people looking at our car trying to figure out why we were screaming and being so loud.

It also made me have much admiration for mothers, especially your own. She is such a hard worker. And a good mom to each of you. All of my sisters are wonderful with their kids, and also each others children. You are so incredibly blessed to have so many people who love you.

I am glad you got to do a few fun things with me while you were here. Someday you'll be grown and I hope you look back on the time we spent together with fondness.



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  1. you are such a kind aunt to my children! I know that they treasure all of the time that you spend with them.