Monday, August 22, 2011

Dear Christine,

Dear Christine,

I was just thinking about how nice it is to have you as a sister. One reason I wanted to learn to play the piano is because I have great memories of you playing while we would sing along. We've had some fun times.

And it's great that you live nearby. I love to come by and see you or the kids on the way home from work, or to take them to get snow cones. And it's nice to talk to you on my drive to or from work. And we can laugh about the funniest things.

I don't have many friends who are girls, but it's ok because my sisters are my best friends. I know I can call you and we can go to a movie, or I can drag you out on a walk, or to the store, or I can play my piano songs and you'll encourage me to keep on learning.

I know sometimes life gets hard and it sucks when kids do things like marker the couch or other things, but thanks for staying positive. Sure you go have a good cry, but then you wake up just fine the next day.



PS. Someday when you have baby #6, feel free to name her after me. :D

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