Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dear Pole

Dear Pole,

Do you remember me? Do you remember my old nissan? You probably still have paint on it where I hit you. And you probably recall, I hit my friend Rebecca's car about the same time I hit you. And after that I decided no more underground parking structure for me. It was a tad difficult to get in and out of there anyways.

The other day some friends and I were eating popsicles and they had jokes on the stick. Mine said, "Where do snowmen like to dance." The answer on the stick said at a snowball, but we came up with a better answer: The north pole.

And no, I do not have a pole in my bedroom, or the kitchen. Nor do I dance around the poles outside holding up the covered patio.

But yes, I could. It might be memorable for the neighbors, like when I had the pool in the backyard, or when I attempted to use a turkey fryer thing that took like 5 gallons of oil.

Anyways pole, you really should stay out of my way.


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