Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dear SweetTarts,

Dear SweetTarts,

Today I discovered a package of you in the back of the cupboard that I had forgotten about. Since I love the purple flavor and I wanted a little sugar, I began to eat you. It started off with a blue, and then a green, then a red, then two more greens. And I began to wonder, where was the elusive purple, instead of opening as I ate, I decided to open all and find my purple. Then I got a red, then two more greens. Then a blue, and two more greens.

By the time I opened up your pack, I had a few reds and blues and lots and lots of greens. This has left me wondering, how exactly do you determine the process of putting the flavors in the package? Is it actually random, or did some employee accidentally cook up a giant batch of greens you had to get rid off?

Now I like green, don't get me wrong, but I don't want to eat so many greens that my pee turns green, or my tongue looks like I've eaten a snow cone.

And I really wanted a purple!!!!!!! Please fix your packaging process so I get some purples next time.

That being said, could you also make your chewy sweet tarts more readily available. They are so incredibly yummy and incredibly addicting, but hard to find. I think I've had to look at a dozen different stores in search of them.

Is that a hint that I should be on a diet? First you don't give me any purples and then you hide your chewy sweet tarts?

If you're suggesting that, it really is none of your business. Just give me the candy already!!! Purples and chewy ones.



PS. I have a big bag of green ones I'll trade you some purples for

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