Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dear C & J,

Dear C & J,

Isn't it kinda funny how life goes? A while back, months and years, I would've dated either of you. I saw you both as these amazing guys. I thought you were both brilliant, we had great conversations. But perspective is wonderful. Saw you recently. Not really planned, not uncomfortable, but very entertaining. I realized the water didn't have the depth I thought and shallow water isn't nearly as fun to swim in.

And the best part? I love to flirt with you and encourage you and then walk away so you'll know you totally missed out. Horrible? possibly. Yet incredibly fun.

What can I say, nothing like knowing you totally missed out on me. And knowing I'm so over it.

I might've been your trophy wife if you'd given me a chance. If you hadn't been kissing my friend the same time you were kissing me. If you had seen past the glimmer of the shallow girls and seen me for me. All you had to do was reach out your hand and I would've taken it.

I love me for being me. I'm so glad I am who I am and that you didn't choose me. I deserve someone who sees me for me.

Not your Barbie,


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dear Sawzal

Dear Sawzal,

You are an incredibly cool tool. I managed to cut a board out of the floor. How cool is that? And I didn't cut off an arm, or a leg, or even cut myself. Or break you.

You are an amazing saw and way better than using something by hand. If you were a man, I'd totally date you. You're hard working, you might be a little bit grungy on the outside, but the inside you are of value. Although, you do cut things. I'm not sure I want my heart or my love chopped up in bits and pieces and left as firewood scraps. Maybe that only happens if someone uses you wrong though, and I wouldn't.

If you find a real man thats like you, let me know. Then I'll date him.