Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dear Doug and Margie,

Dear Doug and Margie,

I haven't thought of you in years, and suddenly I woke up this morning thinking of you. Wondering what happened to you.

I remember meeting you both at the cute little house next to the fire station where Doug worked in Brockport, NY. You had the cutest kids. You made us the nicest dinners. You wanted the best for your kids and did everything in your power to teach them good values and to make right choices. You didn't have a ton of money, but you were so down to earth and so kind. Such a giving sweet family. We had great discussions about religion.

Margie, I remember you telling me how you really wanted to get a house with a nice yard for the kids. I hoped you would find that. I hope you got your house with a yard that you could call your own. And I now understand why you felt that way. It's nice to have something and to belong somewhere. To see the fruits of your labors. You really did deserve to get a nice house. You were such a kind, Christlike person.

I wrote you when I left. I loved your family so. I wish you had written back so I could know what happened.

I hope that you found a nice house to move to with a cute yard that you could call your own. I hope it brought you joy. It's been a long time since I saw you both. You're probably grandparents by now.

But I thought of you today. We crossed paths for such a short time, and yet, it was a lifetime of memories and thoughts of you from years ago that crossed my mind today. Wherever life has taken you, I hope you know that God loves you. Just like you had such hopes for your children, he has such great hopes and desires for you. He sees potential in all of us, he knows what we are capable up.



Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dear Bridget

Dear Bridget,

Happy Birthday! Well I know there's like 2 days still, but I'm thinking of you at this very moment and so I am writing to you now.

I am glad you're my sister. I remember some fun times with you.

Do you remember all the special gifts you and I and Becca would wrap up for each other at Christmas? Well and I still do it. And the hide and seek in the dark at moms house and we kept knocking over the christmas tree and breaking things.

And when you got married you and Glenn gave me 2 cookie sheets. It made me happy. Those 2 cookie sheets are the only ones I have and it's so nice to have them.

And I love how we can sit around and laugh about things when you come and visit mom. And when you came down to visit and stayed at my house last year, it was great. I loved having you here.

You are such a hard worker. I'm proud of how hard you've worked to get through school and to take care of your kids.

I am so impressed by how much you love your students and how badly you want them to succeed. You have such a great heart.

I hope your birthday goes well and you know that your family loves you so much.